Interior Design - Expert Decorating Tips For New-Build Homes

When I first saw the whole my clients had just bought it from a custom builder and the Builder had made some beautiful choices to give it this grand modern

feeling but it was my job to work with the clients to decorate in a way that was warm and family-friendly because it is such an open space the family room is open to the kitchen in the kitchen eatin area so it was my job to use light

fixtures area rugs and drapery to really delineate those three spaces the kitchen is a beautiful chef's kitchen huge island lots of counter space really there wasn't a lot of decorating to do here but one thing we knew we could do

is anchor the island with these three brass pendants the brass really gave a great contrast warmed up that area and also the shape of those pendants was great their elongated they draw attention to the tall ceilings but they

also provide a lot of light on the surface from a designer standpoint oftentimes we like open shelving or places to display things and in this case there were a lot of cabinets and a lot of white so we thought let's use

some of the counter space on the back wall to display cutting board these beautiful little pomegranate sketches a bit of green and it really helps to liven up that white wall immediately off the kitchen is the Eden area the clients

had a few beautiful pieces that we wanted to incorporate into this new home so one thing was this mango wood dining table and this Hicks pendant from her former kitchen they're both very versatile pieces and we knew we could

work them into this new space part of keeping the kitchen feeling casual was to incorporate a mix of dining chairs so we use the classic ex back chairs with these two antique dining chairs and these were actually pieces that were in

her living space but I thought what a great way to finish off this table setting the Builder had anchored the family room with a beautiful marble fireplace and these built-ins on either side and rather than go the route of the

cool greys we decided to introduce ivory tones caramels and even a bit of a tan color and it really helped to worm cozy up his family room my clients I'm a very large family and so it was important that we could accommodate

seating for everybody in this space and because of the size of the room to also need to make sure that the scale of the furniture was appropriate so by introducing this l-shaped sofa it really helped to fill in about half of the room

and provides comfortable seating from under watching TV another piece that we introduced our clients former home were these two beautiful cane chairs the chairs have a beautiful silhouette from the perspective of the kitchen and they

help to introduce more of that wood tone into the room my clients have some beautiful pieces that they want to display and so we thought that on either side of this fireplace we would create these beautiful little vignettes you

make a wonderful styling point for a decorator but they're also nice to be able to live with some of these pieces that they've acquired over time this is such a fun project to be able to work with this family to create a space that

really is the hub of the home and seeing them enjoy it now hearing their stories of entertaining here it really makes me feel like we created a beautiful space for them.