Interior Design - How To Add Personality To A Rental Apartment

This is apartment it's a rental building but it's a brand new suite so it had lots of potential but was a bit boring James brought me on board to help him decorate the space and really bring it to life the look is relatively contemporary but we layered

in vintage pieces or just things that were a little more interesting so it felt like it evolved over time it didn't just happen overnight some of the challenges when dealing with a rental space versus his face that you might own

are you really don't want to invest in things that you can't take with you I wanted to create a real cozy homey atmosphere but we couldn't change things we had the dark wood floor to work with the layout was as is it was more about

painting changing up some light fixtures and then just decorating adding some key furniture pieces that could transition from one space to another because you might not be here forever the den is what you see when you walk into space so

I wanted to create some drama and chose a really dark wall color it's called molten x para paints I love it because it's not quite black there's a little bit of blue so it's a little more approachable and not so so dark i added

a chair in the den to create a good spot to read now this chair was secondhand but we had it reupholstered in this beautiful linen fabric it's a Japanese style block printed linen I love this fabric because up close you'll see that

it's fish but from farther away it's just this beautiful graphic pattern we changed up the light fixture to continue the drama James love this option because it's so geometric and really plays into his love of science so this hallway is

wider than most it's actually five feet so I really wanted to make the most of it I added this credenza which offers a lot of great storage and is also the anchor to what is a beautiful gallery well I love a gallery wall because it's

an instant way to add personality to a space and really customize it for the client which shows a lot of things that James loves and it's also a thing that you can add to or change as your interest change on either side of the

cadenza added these more traditional Louis style chairs which also just kind of frame this vignette and our place to sit down and put your shoes on the hallway really does exemplify the mix that we've created throughout the space

the more contemporary sideboard paired with the more true tional chairs and then a real mix of art it's a great representation of James's personality and the look we were going for the end of the hall opens up onto

the main living dining room kitchen now this space is actually smaller than most so we had to be really clever about how we laid out the furniture which I was a bar height table which divides the two zones that acts as a dining table but

then it's also a secondary counter surface for prepping just makes the kitchen feel larger opted for a sectional sofa which is modular that means the sofa can actually stand alone if it would be taken apart and it's a

great thing for when you're dealing with a rental space because you might not want a sectional sofa in your next space when decorating any space it's good to consider where you want to save and where you want to splurge in my opinion

a sofa is something that you don't want to buy every few years spend a good amount of money on the sofa that you're going to love for a long time and that will last now the coffee table seems quite small did this on purpose because

we didn't want to overload the space with furniture James was a bit hesitant in the beginning but it's really just a place to put a drink and to be honest I really like this play of scale the large sofa and the large television console

and then this smaller table it's a fun mix now the rug was definitely a safe it's from Ikea and only cost $90 you've never know it because it has so much character we then layered in pattern the curtains are a block printed zigzag that

really throw to the colors in the rug we then added just a few accessories it's just about layering up pattern but making sure to change up the scale you don't want to have everything being a small print or a large print just make

sure there's a mix in the bedroom i layered wallpaper behind the bed to create more of a focal point and add some more personality I love this paper because it looks like a hand pencil drawing it's these beautiful waves with

whales and sea turtles it's a lot of fun but still looks quite elegant the bedding is just kind of neutral which balances out the wallpaper and then the side tables and lamps we just went for a more symmetrical field because the space

isn't too big just to keep it feeling balanced because this is a small space I wanted to decorate it with one consistent palette now we troom does feel different the dens dark the living dining room is bright and the bedroom is

a little more decorative but overall there's a really consistent feel from one room to the next it's good to do this when decorating a small space because it just keeps things connected and not feeling too disjointed you.